Fort Sumter

A documentary piece about the significance of Ft. Sumter in Charleston, SC, commissioned by the National Park Service.

Directed by David Boatwright

Shot & Edit by Gavin Shelton

Sound by Travis Musgrove

Music by Bill Carson


East vs East

One of my final projects at the Academy of Art University was to examine two differing neighborhoods in San Francisco as an urban sociologist, comparing and contrasting their unique social contracts. I've always been drawn to San Francisco's Chinatown and Japantown neighborhoods due to their cultural distinctness and also because most Westerners fail to recognize the stark differences between the two cultures.

Music by Sean Emmel.


Best of Mount pleasant 2016

Mount Pleasant Magazine channeled Vanity Fair for their 2016 "Best Of Mt. Pleasant" spread in December of 2015. I documented the process, interviewing photographers and models to capture what Mount Pleasant, SC means to them.


Art in bloom

Commissioned by Peter Pap Oriental Rugs, this was shot to promote his exhibition in New York City on Madison Avenue in 2014.


Web User Persona Videos

While I was an intern at AKQA our research department quantitatively dissected and examined the users of a large technology website, creating user personas from the data. I was assigned to find existing footage online and create videos to represent all of these different personas and during our presentation these videos were played to introduce the corresponding data.


The Disappearing Art of Noticing

One of my professional goals is to use video to bring research alive. "The Disappearing Art of Noticing" is a visual essay on mobile phone behavior that I shot and edited after reading a report, "The Best (and Worst) of Mobile Connectivity" published by Pew Research Center. I've seen brilliant research go ignored in the past, so transforming numbers into interesting content is my attempt at making research more digestible, approachable, and useful. 

Music by Sean Emmel.


Kamilla Talbot's Exhibition "Getting Outside"

A short promotional video I shot and edited for on behalf of Kamilla Talbot and her upcoming exhibition at the Charles P. Sifton Gallery on the first floor of the Brooklyn Courthouse in Brooklyn, NY from Feb 20, 2014 through May 16, 2014. 

Music by Macaw on the Free Music Archive.


The Opening of "Getting Outside"

The follow up video covering the opening of Kamilla Talbot's show "Getting Outside" at the Charles P. Sifton Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.

Music by Lee Rosevere on the Free Music Archive.


Addy Award Announcement

At Slant Media we were proud to win a few Addy awards for the work that we'd made for our clients. Traditionally an announcement would be sent out shortly after winning, but this year other projects took our attention and for months we forgot to publicly celebrate our wins. I wrote, directed, and made this video to make up for lost time.

VFX by Christopher Cecil.